* To preach the word of God to all nations
* To Establish and maintain charitable homes to help the less- privilege in the society
* To prepare and counsel adequately, pre-marital, marital and post marital and general matrimonial living to the young, old, widows and widowers and single parent homes
* To establish church missions in all nation
* To establish and maintain Bible oriented institutions of learning
* To eradicate illiteracy from our society by establishing schools and educational centres.

Tuesday-----Worship and Wonders--------6:00pm GMT+1

Wednesday--Solution Hour-----------------6:45am GMT+1

Friday-------Word Exposition--------------6:00pm GMT+1

Sunday--------Celebration Service---------8:00am GMT+1



The Pastor and entire members of Better Things Christian Centre Welcomes you to our official website. This platform is to enable us reach as many as we can globally with the word, power and glory of the Almighty God.

We pray that as you are on this website, the power of God will get too you wherever you are and transform you into a total free man. in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.






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